List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Allameh Tabatabai's attitude towards Islamic lifestyle and family relationships with emphasis on Al-Mizan's interpretation - Accepted in 2023/06/10
Aziz Javanpour Heravi, Hossein Norouzi Teymourlouie, Mohammad Ghafour Mostafa *
XML Investigating the Functions of Endowment in the Quran and Hadiths and its Role on Welfare and Social Health - Accepted in 2023/05/28
XML Designing and validating the ideal curriculum model with an emphasis on religious democracy in the first secondary school - Accepted in 2023/06/3
Vida Rashidi Mofrad, Faezeh Nataghi *, Frank Seyedi
XML The effect of sin on human knowledge Relying on Sohrvardi's opinions - Accepted in 2023/05/25
Marzieh Heydari, Mohammad Ranjbar hossaini *
XML Visualization of actions in the Day of Judgment according to the performance of people in worldly life from Javadi Amoli's point of view - Accepted in 2023/05/25
Leila Baharvand, Mohammad Safahian *, Mahmoud Abaei kopaei
XML The effect of providing a Technological Integration Package with Course Subjects in Improving Digital Literacy and Social Emotional Competence of Fifth Grade Elementary Students - Published in 2019/07/29
Masoumeh Moghimi Firozabad *, Maryam Seifi Kar, Mohammad Javad Kochi Ravandi, Sarah Belila
XML The Model of Human Dignity in the Dialectic of Imam Hossein (AS) in the Event of Ashura - Accepted in 2023/05/17
XML The Effect of Moral Characteristics of Agents on the Progress of Society from the Perspective of Quran and Hadith - Accepted in 2023/05/30
XML Determining the Dimensions and Presenting a Model of Immigration Discourse in Social Media - Accepted in 2023/06/7
XML The effect of Moral Intelligence on Psychological Hardiness and Social Adaptation of Students - Accepted in 2023/05/27
Toktam Sadat Jafar Tabatabaei *, Ameneh Zakeri
XML Effectiveness of Group Meaning Therapy in Social Well-being and Quality of Life of Women Heads of Households - Accepted in 2023/05/20
Leila Shekarchi Asadollahi, Roya Ashoori, Mahdiyeh Mohammadi, Banak Bahreinipour
XML Designing and Explaining the Structural Empowerment Model of Human Resources with the Grounded Theory Approach - Accepted in 2023/06/6
Abouzar Esmaeili Ahandani, Zohreh Shakibaei *, Haideh Ashouri
XML Investigating the role of Alexithymia and Spiritual Intelligence in predicting the Quality of Married life - Accepted in 2023/05/13
Azam Ashouri *, Karvan Rostami, Somayeh Rahmani, Samaneh Gholizadeh, Mina Hossein
XML The role of optimism and Spiritual experience in predicting Psychological Health of Women - Accepted in 2023/05/6
Fatemeh Chaghazardy *, Motahar ISarizadeh, Fatemeh Honari, Leila Nematy Chalavi, Maryam Nejatmanesh
XML The Effectiveness of Spiritual therapy on psychological Hardiness and psychological Distress of Students - Accepted in 2023/05/27
Asal Bakhshi *, Leila Khalilnejad Narmigh, Homaira Hosainzehi, Neshat Zare Tajabadi, Mehran Mohebianfar
XML The Effectiveness of Spiritual Intelligence on Mental Strength and Psychological Health of Students - Accepted in 2023/05/6
Arash Talebvand *, Fariba Gehangiri, Zobaydeh Shekofteh, Mahnaz Mohajer Ghaderabadi, Homaira Hosainzehi
XML Examining the Moral Obligations Arising from the Marriage Contract and its Impact on the Strength and Health of the Family System in Iran's Civil Rights - Published in 2022/12/6
Maryam Hatami Hosseinabadi, Noushin Abdi Savojian *, Inshallah Rahmati
XML Presenting the Structural Model of Anxiety Disorders based on Mental Health with the Mediating Role of Coping Strategies in Pregnant Women - Accepted in 2023/04/30
XML Identifying Dimensions and Components of Work Procrastination among Employees of Islamic Azad University - Accepted in 2023/04/11
XML The Role of Spiritual Vitality in Marital Satisfaction and Attitude Towards Childbearing in Couples - Accepted in 2023/04/12
Ziba Karimi *, Zeinab Qorbani, Naser Zare, Somaye Sadat Nobakhti, Samaneh Gholizadeh
XML Cosmology from the perspective of the Holy Quran and its role in mental health - Accepted in 2023/05/21
Maryam Mosavi *, Morteza Khorrami, Hamid Mohammad Ghasemi
XML The effectiveness of the solution-oriented approach on marital adjustment and spiritual vitality of couples in Tehran - Accepted in 2023/04/5
Navab Kazemi *, Mandana Serajinizhad, Arghavan Jalalvand, Atena Torabian, Zahra Darvishi Bedagh5
XML Designing a professional development model based on indicators (self-awareness, individual motivation, effective motivation and mental health) of primary school principals with a future-oriented approach - Accepted in 2023/04/12
Mohhamad Ali Ghaffari, Manijeh Zakariaei *, Javad Naseriyan
XML Imam Khomeini's Sports Independent View on Reason, Customs and Courage in Issuing Fatwas - Published in 2022/05/4
Pariya Mikailzade, Yagob Pourjamal *, Saied Hasanzade Delgosha
XML The Components of Rumor Management in cyberspace from the Experts' Point of View - Accepted in 2023/03/19
XML The role of Cognitive Assessment and Epistemological Curiosity in predicting Academic Engagement in Students - Accepted in 2023/04/12
Sanaz Azizmohammadi, Beheshte Niosha *, Seyed Mahmood Mirzamani Bafghi
XML Analysis of formal elements of motivation in the speech of Jihad Nahj al-Balagha - Accepted in 2023/04/12
Mehdi Vahidi *, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Kamal Sahraei Ardekani, Yaser Rezapour Mirsaleh
XML The role of Forgiveness and Spiritual Capital in predicting Social health of Students - Accepted in 2023/04/15
Samaneh Sadat Jafar Tabatabaei *, Ameneh Zakeri
XML Matching the Job Satisfaction of Young Teachers Who Are Familiar and Unfamiliar with How to Produce Virtual Content in Education during the Covid-19 Disease - Accepted in 2023/03/6
Mojtaba Rezaei Rad, Fatemeh Hemmati, Elham Golbahar, Sohila Payan *
XML An Investigation of the Content of the Research Literacy Course with a Qualitative Methodology - Accepted in 2023/05/8
Mansoureh Tanabod, Mohammad Hajizad *, Zohreh Esmailzadeh, Nahid Shafiee
XML تاثیر معنادرمانی مبتنی بر ارزش‌های اسلامی-ایرانی بر تعارضات زناشویی و جهت گیری مذهبی زوجین دارای تعارضات زناشویی - Accepted in 2023/05/17
Abbas Tavan *, Zahra Soleimani fard
XML Evaluation of the new criminal policy regarding the reduction of prison sentences approved in 2019 and its effect on the reduction of crime and social health in Islamic societies. - Accepted in 2023/01/31
Fatollah Alitabar, Hasan Hajitabar *, Mehdi Esmaeili
XML Investigating the role of patience, cognitive flexibility, and wisdom in predicting the spiritual health of students - Accepted in 2023/03/13
Marzieh Sadat Sajadinezhad *, Fateme Ahmadi
XML Examining the place of worldly lifestyle in Nahj al-Balagha and the works of Khajo Kermani - Accepted in 2023/02/16
Tahereh Salari, Mostafa Salari *, Behrooz Romiani
XML Comparing the effectiveness of mindfulness therapy based on the activation of spiritual-Islamic schemas with reality therapy on marital satisfaction of women involved in conflict - Accepted in 2023/06/6
Zhila Noormohammadi, Zahra sadat Pour seyyed Aghaei *
XML The Effectiveness of Drama-therapy with Finger Puppet on Parent-Child Relationship and Empathy of Children (4-6 years old) in Isfahan - Accepted in 2023/02/28
Farahnaz Davari *, Razieh Lotfi, Arghavan Shariat
XML Mutual Impact of Knowledge Management with Organizational Innovation in Relief Organizations - Accepted in 2023/01/28
کرم اله دانش فرد *, کاوه تیمورنژاد
XML Study of the Thinking - Aloud Protocol (An overview of the challenges) - Accepted in 2023/02/21
Hadis Bagherian, Ahmadreza Varnaseri, Seyed Abedin Hoseini Ahangari, Athareh Naghdinejad *
XML Investigating the impact of the possible loss of property management in Islamic societies and its impact on the social health of the society - Accepted in 2023/01/17
Aliakbar Shabaniyan, Alireza Rajabzadeh *, Tayeb Afsharnia
XML The importance of social institutions in the formation of a correct moral structure in humans from the perspective of the Qur'an and hadiths - Accepted in 2023/03/4
Sayede Fatemeh Hosseini Mirsafi *, Seyed Morteza Qazavi, Mohammad Mehdi Taghdisi
XML The role of optimism and religious coping in predicting nurses' burnout - Accepted in 2023/03/13
Toktam Sadat Jafar Tabatabaei, Zahra Ghobadi *
XML Explaining the moderating role of Islamic lifestyle in the relationship between general self-awareness and materialism and obsessive shopping of students - Accepted in 2023/05/27
Mohammad Ali Siahsarani Kojuri *
XML Comparing the Effectiveness of Emotion-Focused Therapy with the Effectiveness of Mentalization-Based Therapy on the Treatment of People with Borderline Personality Disorder - Accepted in 2022/12/26
XML Investigating the background of the formation of Salafi-Takfiri intellectual currents and its contradictions with the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle of the border areas. - Accepted in 2022/12/5
Mohammadrasool Sheikhizadeh, Masoud Akhawan Kazemi *, Omid Ghaderzadeh
XML Identifying Social-Communication Marketing Promotion Indicators through Online Advertising from a Cultural Perspective - Accepted in 2022/12/4
XML Investigating the cultural impact of alternative dispute resolution methods in reducing crime with an Islamic approach - Accepted in 2022/12/6
Davud Hasankhani, Hassan Badini *
XML Comparing the effectiveness of schema therapy and mutual behavior analysis on marital heartbreak, marital conflict and communication skills of couples applying for divorce - Accepted in 2023/01/9
Azadeh Rasouli Rad *, Mohammad Ali Rahmani, Shohreh Ghorban Shiroudi, Mohammad Reza Zarbakhsh
XML The effectiveness of lifestyle modification on successful pregnancy - Accepted in 2022/12/10
XML Presenting a model for predicting love shock syndrome in college students based on Hexaco personality traits with the mediation of spiritual well-being - Accepted in 2022/11/19
Marziyeh Etemadnia
XML The basics of training and excellence of the relationship of non-governmental humanitarian organizations based on the Islamic discourse of peace and the relationship of these organizations with the specialized institutions of the United Nations - Accepted in 2022/12/4
Farideh Rafiei, Seyyed Bagher Mirabbasi *, Mansour Atashneh
XML The role of propaganda method of example and model in promoting Islamic lifestyle - Accepted in 2022/12/12
Iraj Yar Mohammad, Seyed Hamid Hosseini *, Hamed Fath Aliyan
XML Development of educational package for marital enrichment based on Islamic beliefs and examining its effectiveness on marital adjustment of couples - Accepted in 2022/11/28
Mojtaba Satkin, Seyed Abolghasem Mehrinejad *, Namat Sotodehasl, Hasan Asadzadeh
XML Analysis of the concept of teacher based on Islamic texts in order to attract academic staff in Farhangian University - Accepted in 2022/09/19
Hasan Mohseni, Zohre Saadatmand *, Narges Keshtiaray
XML Investigating and explaining the process and mechanism of the effect of prayer on human mental peace - Accepted in 2023/01/7
Seyyedeh roghayyeh Shahidi, Heydar Hasan Lu *
XML Pattern design style of the interior environment of retail stores from a cultural perspective - Accepted in 2022/09/15
Beyza Ghasemi, Mehdi Ruholamini *, Ali Sorayaei
XML Designing a structural model of manpower planning in order to achieve organizational health and citizenship - Accepted in 2022/09/7
Elham Asghari, Masoud Haghighi *, Ahmad Vadadi
XML Comparison of the effectiveness of anger management and parenting training on problem solving skills in students with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder - Accepted in 2022/08/30
Sepideh Hashemzadeh, Mahboubeh Tahir *, Hakimeh Aghaee, AbbassAli Hosein Khanzadeh
XML Identifying and prioritizing effective factors on social capital management in Kermanshah province education - Accepted in 2022/08/29
Farzaneh Maftoon, Faramarz Malekian *, Maryam Eslampanah, Javad Karamafrooz
XML Predicting Psychological Well-Being based on Personality Types (extraversion, Adaptation, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness to Experience) in People with Coronavirus Disease in Kermanshah - Accepted in 2022/08/24
Razieh Veisi, Keyvan Kakabarai *, Azita Chehri, Mukhtar Arefi
XML Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Electrical Stimulation on Hidden Anxiety and Overt Anxiety in Coronary Heart Patients - Accepted in 2022/08/4
Parisa Kolahi, Mahdieh Salehi *, Mohammad Ebrahim Madahi, Mojghan Sepahmansour
XML The Difference between Customary Authority in Islamic Jurisprudence and Schools of Thought - Accepted in 2022/08/27
Zahra Yousefi Mesri, Abolghasem Naghibi *, Faezeh Moghtadaei
XML Evaluate the Impact of Marketing Training Capabilities on the Development of Competitive Advantage - Accepted in 2022/07/25
Mahboubeh Derakhshandeh, Kamel Kamali *, Mansoreh Aligholi
XML Comparison of the Effectiveness of Captain Log Cognitive Software and Pars Cognitive Rehabilitation Package on Auditory and Visual Working Memory Primary School Students with Hearing Impairment with Cochlear Implantation - Accepted in 2022/07/19
Maryam Melali, Mojtaba Amiri Majd *, Parisa Tajali, Gita Movallali
XML Investigating the effect of Beshiari-based stress reduction program on depression, ataxia and blood pressure in patients with coronary heart disease - Accepted in 2022/07/19
Mojtaba Rahnamazade, Hasan Ashaeri, Tahereh Ranjbaripour *, Alireza Kakavand, Farahnaz Meschi
XML Comparison of Transcranial Direct Electrical Stimulation and Acceptance-Based Behavioral Therapy on Anxiety and Blood Pressure in Cardiovascular Patients - Accepted in 2022/07/17
XML The effectiveness of health-oriented education on the spiritual health and performance of women in the Islamic-Iranian family - Accepted in 2023/03/13
Esmat Savadi, Akram Hafezi *
XML Providing a Favorable model of Cultural Development in the Western Border Areas of the Country - Accepted in 2022/06/26
Kaveh Hayak, Farhad Nejad Irani *, Jafar Beikzad, Seyyed Abdollah Hojjati
XML The Nature of Faith and its Effects from the Perspective of Fakhreddin Razi and Wahhamid Mohammad Ghazali - Accepted in 2022/08/30
Ali Ramezaniaan, Abbas Ahmadi Saadi *, Alireza Mokhtari
XML Evaluation of health tourism industry promotion model with data foundation approach - Accepted in 2022/07/20
Adeleh Samiei *, Mahdi Karimizand, Hasan Esmailpour
XML Presenting a native (Islamic-Iranian) model of compassionate parenting based on the opinion of experts - Accepted in 2022/06/26
Maliheh Afkhami Ardakani, Saeed Vaziri *, Yaser Rezapour, Mohammad Hossein Fallah
XML The Image of Jesus Christ and the Prophet of Islam in Prayer: A Comparative Study of Lifestyle in the Confessions of Augustine and Sahifa Sajjadieh - Accepted in 2022/06/14
Younes Jahangiri, Mojgan Sarshar *
XML The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training on the Symptoms of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and Disobedience Disorder in Children with ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder with Coping Disorder - Accepted in 2022/06/20
Sahar Dehghani, Abdul Hassan Farhangi *, Mohammad Ali Rahmani
XML Application of the rule of obligation in the Shiite lifestyle - Accepted in 2022/06/23
Farrokh Mohseni, Alireza Lotfi *
XML The Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Therapy on Emotional-Behavioral Symptoms, Sleep Problems and Problem Solving in 14-16 Year old Girls - Accepted in 2022/06/16
Zahra Rezaei Roozbehani, Azita Chehri *, Gelavij Mahmoudi
XML مقایسه اثربخشی بازی‌های شناختی بر کارکردهای اجرایی دانش‌آموزان دچار اختلال نارسانویسی و نارساخوانی - Accepted in 2022/07/19
Maryam Hojatinasab, Mahmoud Shirazi *, GholamReza Sanagouye Moharrer
XML طراحی الگوی مسئولیت‌پذیری مدیران مبتنی بر نهج‌البلاغه در چارچوب سند تحول بنیادین آموزش‌وپرورش - Accepted in 2022/07/13
Mahboob Shariati, Majid Ghadami *, Aboutaleb Saadati Shamir, Sadegh Rezaei
XML The Relationship between Defense Mechanisms and Personality Traits According to Brain/Behavioral Systems with Worry on People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Accepted in 2022/05/14
Farahnaz Azadi, Malek Mirhashemi *
XML Meta-analysis of Iran's demographic challenges after the Islamic Revolution of Iran (case of death) 1368-1398 - Published in 2022/05/1
XML The Strategy of the Supreme Leader in Matching Security and National Interests with Islamic Unity in Line with Spiritual Health of the Society - Published in 2022/04/28
Mohsen Abdolahi *
XML Presenting a model of the antecedents of identity crisis in students of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and its effect on students' feelings of defeat - Accepted in 2022/11/9
AbdolReza Mahmoudi *, Faride Ensafdaran, Hashem Kakaee
XML Pedagogy in the Thought and Style of Life of Ancient Philosophers and its Evolution in the Life of Societies of that Time - Published in 2021/02/28
Bayram Aghapour *, Hamid Maleki, Nazila Khatib Zanjani, Marjan Masoumi Fard
XML The Effectiveness of Coping Skills Training on the Preference of Coping Behaviors of Improved Corona Pandemic Students (COVID-19) - Accepted in 2022/08/27
Azar Jozan, Mohammadali Fardin *, Gholamreza Sanagoyemohrar
XML Provide a perceptual framework for exercising the supervisory role of educational leaders in primary schools in Tehran - Accepted in 2022/03/7
Monirosadat Razavi araghi *, Mohammad naghi Imani, Asghar Sharifi
XML Providing a Model for Attracting Competencies of Secondary School Principals in the Second Year of Education - Published in 2021/04/21
Maryam Gohari Moghaddam, Mehdi Shariatmadari *, Abbas Khorshidi
XML The Modeling of Death obsession Based on Rumination and Irrational beliefs in pregnant womens with the Mediating Role of Islamic life style - Accepted in 2022/12/10
Mehdi Sharifi *, Sakineh Saeidi, Ali akbar Abbaspour
XML Components and Objectives of University Social Accountability Based on the Synthesis Research Approach - Accepted in 2022/01/9
XML Investigating the Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Life Satisfaction with Religiosity in Students of Islamic Azad University, Gorgan Branch - Accepted in 2023/01/23
Mojtaba Aghili *, Arezou Asghari, Fatemeh Mehdipour, Mitra Namazi
XML Predicting of Death obsession Based on Rumination and Irrational beliefs in pregnant women: The Mediating Role of Emotional processing - Published in 2023/09/1
Mehdi Sharifi *, Mohadeseh Ghorbani
XML Designing a Succession Style Pattern with Emphasis on Education in the Tejarat Bank with a Three-Branch Model - Accepted in 2021/12/25
XML Prioritization of organizational factors on recruitment of human resources on the competency system in education - Accepted in 2021/12/4
Abbasali Pourbafrani, Bahram Alishiri *, Amineh Ahmadi, Asadollah Abbasi
XML Provide a Model for Moral and Social Education of Students with Emphasis on the Document of Fundamental Transformation of Education - Accepted in 2021/11/24
Naser Sepehri, Mostafa Niknami *, Nadergholi Ghourchian, Ali Taghipour Zoheir
XML Sociological study of the relationship between social capital and resilience of physicians, nurses and social workers in times of crisis (case study of Kermanshah, Tabriz, Kerman, Lorestan, Ahvaz, Mazandaran and Tehran provinces) - Accepted in 2021/11/16
Farzaneh Yaghob, Satar Parvin *, Hosein Aghajani Morsa
XML تغییرات الگوی ازدواج و تأثیر آن بر طلاق قطعی (مورد مطالعه: مراجعه کنندگان به دادگاه‌های حمایت خانواده شهر تهران از دی ماه 98 تا آخر خرداد 99) - Accepted in 2021/11/16
Elahe Shabani, Bagher Sarokhani *, Mohammad mahdi Labibi
XML Identifying the harms of religious education in order to provide a model of enthusiastic religiosity in students - Published in 2021/11/22
Aboutaleb Awadzadeh, Ayatollah Karimi Baghmalek *, Sadegh Rezaei
XML The effectiveness of an education package based on compassion-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and acceptance and commitment-based therapy on the tolerance of anxiety and impulsivity of adolescents with aggressive behaviors - Accepted in 2021/11/11
Narjes Niasati, Shohreh Ghorban Shirodi *, Javad Khalatbari, Taher Tizdast
XML Developing a Jihadi Management Style Model for Imam Hussein University - Published in 2021/02/27
Farhang Karamipour, Narges Saeidian Khorasgani *, Alireza Afshani, Seyed Mohsen Saeedi Madani
XML Identify and analyze barriers affecting organizational vitality in government organizations - Accepted in 2021/09/5
Seyed karim Mosavi, Ghodsi Ahghar *, Zahra Taleb
XML The Role of Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil in Islamic Life - Accepted in 2021/11/3
Mojgan Miranjafi, Hadi Azimi Garekani *, Seyed Ali Pourmanouchehri
XML Analysis of Factors Affecting the Style of Political and Religious Relations of Ziariyan with the Abbasid Caliphate - Published in 2018/02/3
Abbas Mahigir Abkenar, Allahyar Khalatbari *, Abbas Panahi
XML Designing a Prediction Model for Leaving the Service on the Lifestyle of Nurses in the Special Ward of Educational-Medical Centers: A Combined Study in Northern Iran - Accepted in 2021/06/12
Sedigheh Soleimanian, AliAsghar Shojaee *, Babak Hoseinzadeh
XML Investigating the impact of lifestyle on contemporary housing design in Shiraz (Focus on apartments built between 1397-1387) - Accepted in 2021/07/6
Parisa Namian, Mohammad Parva *, Hadi Keshmiri
XML A Comparative Study of Health-Related Quality of Life in Two Groups of Students of Martyrs' Families and Ordinary: A Case Study of Golestan Province - Accepted in 2021/05/26
Mahnesa Karimi Taleghani *, Waqinak Sarkesian
XML Investigating the Relationship between Parent-Child Conflict and Feeling of Loneliness with Drug Addiction Tendency Among University Students - Published in 2021/05/25
Nahid Mahmoodi *, Seyed Abedin Hoseini Ahangari, Mohammad Zarbakhsh
XML Identifying effective components in the jihadi lifestyle of Islamic Azad University educational administrators: A qualitative approach - Accepted in 2021/05/8
Leila Feraghat, Mahtab Salimi *, Ramazan Jahanian
XML Phenomenological Analysis of the Content Challenges of Children's Animated Characters - Published in 2020/05/30
Hossein Rabani Gharibi, Saeed Sharifi *, Reza Ebrahimzadeh Dastjerdi
XML A Look at the Methodologies of Education Economics based on Return on Investment And Sustainable Development of Industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Published in 2018/02/14
Amir Kalantar Mehrjerdi, Orakov Dostmorad *, Shamsodin Babayouf
XML The effectiveness of reality therapy education based on selection theory and combined with forgiveness therapy on reducing social anomalies of students with learning disabilities in Saravan primary school - Published in 2021/04/4
Ayub Dehvari, Ali Arab *, Mahmoud Shirazi
XML The effects of trust in peace of mind according to the Holy Quran and narrations - Published in 2021/01/27
Roohallah Mohamad ali nejad omran *
XML Design and Validation of Family Education Curriculum Framework in the Field of Prevention and Coping with Social Harms of Students - Published in 2021/03/10
XML The Effect of Mindfulness-based Intervention on Executive Functions (Sustained Attention, Processing Speed, Response Inhibition and Working Memory) in Children with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder - Published in 2020/10/31
Zahra Shakib, Majid Zargham Hajabi *, Ali Reza Aghayousefi
XML Develop a Model of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and leadership Style of Managers and Organizational Commitment of Employees in the Country's Municipalities - Accepted in 2020/10/31
Akbar Pouladi Rishehri, Jahanyar Bamdad Soufi *, Mehdi Haghighi Kaffash, Hamed Dehghanan
XML Designing a Curriculum Model of Ethical Education in Primary Education Based on the Moral Teachings of the Holy Quran Based on Al-Mizan Interpretation - Published in 2020/10/25
Khalil Khani, Faezeh Nateghi *, Abdullah Rahimi
XML Qualitative Study Presents a Model for Improving the Performance of Human Resources in Education (Case: Rey Primary School Teachers - Accepted in 2020/10/31
Maryam Moradi, Afsaneh Saber Gorgani *, Saeed Alizadeh
XML Phenomenological Analysis of the Content Challenges of Children's Animated Characters - Accepted in 2020/10/21
Hossein Rabani Gharibi, Saeed Sharifi *
XML Identifying strategic-indigenous components of promoting knowledge sharing motivation among faculty members of Tehran Azad University - Accepted in 2020/10/21
Roya Safari, Reza Sorani Yancheshmeh *, Afsaneh Zamani Moghaddam, Saeed Alizade
XML Designing and Explaining the Model of Ethical Oriented Organizational Culture to Promote Office Health Using a Mixed Approach (Foundation Data Theory - Structural Equation Modeling) - Accepted in 2020/09/21
Zein-Al-Abedin Aminisabegh *, Mohammad Ali Akbarikia, Ehsan Sadeh
XML Marital conflicts with emotional divorce by mediating the role of intimacy in married women; examining a causal model - Published in 2020/09/10
Mansooreh Nikoogoftar *
XML The Relationship between the Islamic Life Style and Happiness with Mental Health in Patient with Multiple Sclerosis - Published in 2020/08/1
Mahmoud Sharifian, Kousar Montazeri *
XML Analysis and study of biography of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) to extract fundamentals and principles of moral education - Published in 2020/09/13
Fereshteh Salami *, Saeed Beheshti, Masoumeh Samadi
XML The Educational Requirements of Wives' Responsibility for Each Other From the Perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence - Accepted in 2020/07/14
Mohammad Razeghi
XML تربیت، آموزه های قرآن، دین اسلام، جهاد، انسان مجاهد، اسوه حسنه - Accepted in 2020/01/7
XML The Meta-Analysis of Lifestyle with its Related Variables - Published in 2018/04/29
K. Ganji, B. Ghasemizadeh, S. Taghavi
XML Effect of Healthy Lifestyle Psycho-Educational Training on University Students' Quality of Life (Physical and Psychological) and Social Health - Accepted
F Zanganeh motlagh, F. Abbasi, S. Ebrahimi
XML Construction and Comparative Standardization of Inexorability Scale in Islamic Viewpoint - Accepted
M. Narimani, N. Dashti, A. Asadi, Z Dalir taghi dizaj
XML Marital Satisfaction in Different Patterns of mate selection; a Quran-Based Approach - Accepted
F. Bahmanesh, F Gholipour goodarzi, F. Bakouei
XML A Modern Model in Social Construction of Spiritual Health Discourse - Accepted
E. Ekhlasi
XML اثربخشی آموزش مولفه‌های سبک زندگی اسلامی بر سازگاری و رضایت زناشویی زوجین - Accepted
Seyyed taha هاشمی, احمد علیپور, حسین زارع, مهناز علی اکبری
XML Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy with Emphasis on Islamic-Based Spiritual Beliefs on Increasing the Spirituality and Mental Health of Multiple Sclerosis Patients; a Case Study of Markazi Province, Iran - Accepted
J. Rezaei
XML تحلیل الأضرار النفسیه عند النساء المتقاعدات وتقدیم السبل المناسبه من أجل ارتقاء سلامتهم النفسیه - Published in 2018/05/1
جعفر انیسی *, جاله طاهری, زهرا جهان بخشی, حسین Keshavarz afshar
XML من منظار القرآن، العفو سبیلٌ أفضل للعیش؛ تحقیقی موضوعی - Published in 2018/05/1
زینب قهرمانی *, هایده جلایی, معصومه مقدم, سهیلا Rabiei siahkali, فاطمه قربانی
XML دراسه علاقه الله والکون من منظار القرآن ودورها فی إرتقاء الأخلاق البیئیه - Published in 2018/05/1
نرجس ملک محمدی *, فتح الله نجارزادکان, حسین Masoum beiki
XML تأثیر الأعشاب الطبیه علی علاج الإکتئاب برأی الإسلام والطب - Published in 2018/05/1
Mohammad reza نورمحمدی *, یحیی حاجی
XML مناقشه مفاهیم ومعانی الحیاه والموت وتأثیراتها المختلفه علی نمط الحیاه الإسلامیه من وجهه نظر القرآن الکریم - Published in 2018/05/1
Mohammad reza Rajab nezhad *, سعید Rajab nezhad, A m طلب, غلامرضا کردافشار, ابراهیم حاجی
XML آداب جنسی در پزشکی ایرانی - Accepted
Amir mohammad جلادت, مژگان تن ساز, زمانه عطار زاده, فاطمه عطار زاده
XML دراسه العلاقه بین التدین والمیول الانتحاریه عند الجنود - Accepted
عبدالله Soltani nezhad, علی Fathi ashtiani, خدابخش احمدی, برویز آزادفلاح, جعفر انیسی, فاطمه Rahmati najarkolaei, اسلام آقابور, روح الله کریمی
XML العلاقه بین السلامه الروحیه بجوده الحیاه عند المصابین بمرض الشریان التاجی - Accepted
علی جهانی, ناهید رجه, مجید هروی, اصغر هادوی, فرید زایری, علیرضا خاتونی
XML أهمیه دراسه اسلوب الحیاه: دراسه کمیه للمقالات الموجوده فی مجال أسلوب الحیاه - Accepted
Seyed mohammad میری, فاطمه رزاقی, زهرا حیدری
XML التعالیم الدینیه ونظام الحیاه الصحیه فی القوی العسکریه - Accepted
هرمز سنایی نسب, حجت Rashidi jahan, حمیدرضا توکلی
XML نبذه عن بعض المواقع الفعاله ضمن مجال نمط المعیشه علی المواقع الإلکترونیه - Accepted
Mohammad javad حسینبورفرد, علی ایوبیان
XML لیست مقالات - Accepted
XML هیات تحریریه - Accepted
XML Comparative Study on The Effect of Prayer and Praise on Peace of Mind and Physical Health from Male and Female Students’ Points of View in Gonabad’s Guidance Schools in 1390 - Accepted
Ali reza Atarodi, Mahmoud reza Mottaghi, Farah Atarodi
XML The Relationship Between Religious Orientation and Suicidal Behaviors in Soldiers - Accepted
Abdollah Soltaninejad, Ali Fathi ashtiani, Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Prviz Azad fallah, Jafar Anisi, Fatemeh Rahmati najjar kalayi, Eslam Aghapur, Ruhollah Karimi
XML The Relationship Between Spiritual Health and Quality of Life in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease - Accepted
Ali Jahani, Nahid Rejeh, Majideh Heravi karimooi, Asghar Hadavi, Farid Zayeri, Ali reza Khatooni
XML The Importance of Studying About Lifestyle: Quantitative Analysis of Articles in the Field of Lifestyle - Accepted
Seyyed mohammad Miri, Fatemeh Razaghi, Zahra Heidari
XML Religious Lessons and Healthy Lifestyle in Military Forces - Accepted
Hormoz Sanayi nasab, Hojat Rashidi jahan, Hamid reza Tavakoli
XML Lifestyle and the Necessity of Lifestyle Education - Accepted
Mohammad reza Rajabnejad, علی ایوبیان
XML Table of Content - Accepted
XML Editorial Board - Accepted
XML فراتحلیل متغیرهای همبسته با سبک زندگی - Published in 2018/05/1
کامران گنجی, بنفشه قاسمی زاده, سعیده تقوی
XML المواجهه المعنویه مع آثار الاعتلال کرب ما بعد الصدمه الناتجه عن الحرب: بحث کیفی - Accepted
مسعود Sirati nir, عباس عبادی, مسعود Fallahi khoshknab, عباس تولایی
XML الفرح برؤیه مدرسه الاسلام وعلم النفس - Accepted
طاهره مازوچی, Tayebe sadat Jadi arani, زینب عسکری
XML اثر دور العداله فی السلامه النفسیه للمجتمع من منظور القرآن الکریم والمأثور - Accepted
Mohammad reza نورمحمدی, اسلام آقاپور
XML دراسه اثر تلاوه القرآن الکریم والاستماع للموسیقی علی مستوی الاضطراب وعلامات الحیاه فی المرضی قبل العملیات الجراحیه فی ناحیه البطن - Accepted
محمد آقاجانی, ندا میر باقر
XML دراسه اثر العادات بوعی فی اداء الفرائض الدینیه: الاسس القرآنیه، البیولوجیه والمعرفیه کنمط للحیاه - Published in 2018/05/1
رضا فیروزی, فیروز Ghaderi pakdel
XML دراسه نمط الحیاه الاسلامیه من منظور«الحیاه الطیبه» فی القرآن الکریم - Published in 2018/05/1
Mohammad reza رجب نژاد, یحیی حاجی, A m طالب, سعید رجب نژاد

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